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Questions about the clinic and practice

How long is a Sound Therapy session?
The initial session lasts for 70-75 minutes and includes a client assessment with intake form and a treatment. Subsequent sessions last between 60 and 70 minutes.

How many times might I need to come for Sound Therapy?
Since I also give suggestions for self-healing, most clients feel that sessions at the intervals that suit them are the most appropriate. Anything from once a week to once every six months are intervals clients have chosen, with fortnightly intervals being popular.

Do you work online?
Sound healing is quite possible online, although I think it feels better in person and I prefer to work that way. It is also possible to have online regression sessions. For regression, both client and therapist need to have a laptop for Zoom (so that the client, reclining or lying down, can be observed) and headphones with a microphone that comes close to the face. Guiding and Facilitating sessions can take place online.

What might be suggested for self-healing?
I belive that all healing is self-healing, which is why I have now come to consider myself more a facilitator or guide offering the opportunity for clients to heal.
So it is definitely important to help the healing process with some practices post sessions. Suggestions might be simple movements to keep the meridian flows active, breath practices, easy vocalisations and possibly toning with instruments.

How long is a Regression Therapy Session?
Regression Therapy sessions usually last for two hours with some extra time for the first session. Each regression session is a very personal journey and it is not always possible to know how far this journey will lead at the beginning of the session. Sometimes one session suffices to deal with a problem which has seemed intransigent to other modes of healing. Sometimes it takes two or three sessions and sometimes clients like to return at more spaced-out intervals to continue their quest. I do prefer to have a separate half-an-hour interview a few days before the first session either online or in person. I do not charge for this.

What are your fees?
I charge £50 for all Sound Healing sessions and £40 for Reiki one hour sessions or £50 for 75 minutes. Extended sessions of combined Sound Healing and Reiki cost from £60 to £70. I charge £100 for a two hour+ Regression/Past Life Regression session and £60 for Guiding/Facilitating. I accept bank transfers in advance or cash on the day of an appointment in person. I also have gift vouchers available for Sound Healing, Reiki and Past Life Regression. I also offer a special student (with student card) fee of £25 for a half-hour session of Sound Healing or Reiki.


I charge £80 for home visits for Sound Healing within Oxford.


Group Sound/Gongbaths are £170 for groups up to and including 11 participants. For larger groups of 12 or more participants, I charge £15 per participant. For venues further than 30 minutes from Oxford, there is an extra charge of £30 for time and petrol.



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