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I trained in Reflexology in the 1980's at the International Institute of Reflexology. The I.I.R is the only school licensed to teach the original Ingham Method of Reflexology. My tutors were Dwight Byers and Tony Porter. Tony works now as the founder/director of A.R.T (Advanced Reflexology Techniques) and Focused Reflexology.


Reflexology since those early days has spread widely and in the process become somewhat diluted and often not as effective as it should be. It is a very powerful technique which can help heal many conditions.


In the 1980's what are called alternative healing practices were quite new and there were not so many practitioners. Clients who wanted to know if these techniques could cure them would come regularly. This meant that practitioners had the opportunity to really help their clients.


At that time I founded a clinic in Iffley, Oxford and was able to have wonderful healing outcomes at the clinic and also with clients who needed home visits.


Out of many clients who I helped, I remember an older lady with extremely arthritic knees who could no longer leave her house. Her doctor had told her that there was no cure. After half-a-dozen visits her pain had diminished so much that she was able to go outside as she wished. Another client with an extremely painful back problem had had to sell her horse, following a medical diagnosis that she would never ride again. She could hardly manage sitting down or getting out of a chair. She came fortnightly for Reflexology for a year and by the end of it she had bought a new horse and was happily riding again. Those are just two examples of so many rewarding results.


Applied regularly and at weekly or fortnightly intervals, Reflexology is able to help with a very wide variety of problems. And of course, for a general tone-up, there can be more of an interval between sessions.



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